Why does hiring a diverse team matter?

This is a question we often are asked working within the tech sector. Below are a few of the many benefits as to why this would be beneficial to your team/organisation:

🚀 Improved financial performance: A survey by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that organizations with women in at least 30% of leadership positions improved profits by 6% points over competitors with fewer or no women in leadership.

Improved decision-making: The more diverse the team the more likely they are to consider a wider range of viewpoints leading to better decision-making.

🫶 Greater representation of your customer base: Without diverse talent, it makes it harder for your company to keep up with the increasingly diverse customer base that exists today.

🧠 Improved creativity and problem solving: A diverse team will bring different perspectives, life experiences, and approaches to problem solving which in turn can lead to increased creativity and innovation.

📣 Helps with recruitment and retention: A workplace that embraces diversity and inclusivity attracts a wider pool of diverse candidates. Also, open commitment with action to workplace diversity will increase your chances of attracting and retaining top talent.

With 86% of technical hiring managers say “It’s hard to find technical talent”

And 58% of developers not actively searching for a job (according to Stack Overview)

Now is more important than ever to ensure that:

➡️ Diversity hiring is part of your people strategy
➡️ Diversity is more than a tick-box exercise

Halzak supports the Tech Sector by incorporating diversity and inclusion in the hiring process and offers a free DEI Checklist which would be a great starting point to evaluate your current progress.

If you would like to receive the Checklist or arrange a conversation with one of the team please contact Kellie or Michael

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