Elevating women and girls from the classroom to the boardroom.
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Welcome to “Elevate – Women in Tech” podcast series committed to uplifting and inspiring women and girls in the tech sector from the classroom to the boardroom. With a clear focus on bridging the tech industry’s gender gap whilst creating an inclusive and supporting tech community for all. 

The show is hosted by Halzak’s Founder and CEO Kellie Kwarteng. With her unwavering passion and dedication to empowering women in tech she will be interviewing remarkable Women in Tech who will share how and why they ventured into the world of technology, the challenges they encountered along the way, and the wisdom they've gained through their unique journeys. 

We firmly believe that fostering a diverse and inclusive tech industry is not just an ambition but a shared responsibility. Elevate – Women in Tech aims to be a catalyst for change, encouraging companies, institutions, and individuals alike to embrace gender diversity fully. 

So, join us as we celebrate the achievements of Women in Tech, celebrate the milestones they have conquered and aspire to create a future where women are truly at the forefront of technological progress. 

Together, we will elevate each other, empower one another and shatter any remaining barriers, opening the way for a more equitable and innovative tech world.

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