3 Hottest SaaS Digital Marketing Jobs

Making your 1st marketing hire or making a move into marketing but unsure of your next steps? Think again, a career in marketing offers you a ton of different career options, whether you veer towards business and management, tech, or the creative end of the spectrum. When it comes to SaaS, Digital Marketing it’s a serious task. This is because customer retention has an equal proportion of importance as customer acquisition especially when the cost of acquiring a new customer can be over 30 times that of holding onto a current one.

First marketing hire?

For your first Marketing hire the need to find a good all-rounder is essential. It’s key that this person has prior experience working within a start-up environment, is adaptable, and is hungry for growth.

According to Insight Squared

  • A SaaS company with less than 50 employees should have a marketing team that makes up 5.5% of the workforce
  • Companies with more than 50 people should have a marketing team making up 7.4% of the team

Examples of positions within Marketing Halzak can support:

Leadership – Chief Marketing Officer / VP of Marketing

CMOs and VPs are a vital part of the Marketing team depending on your size will depend if you have one or both of the positions. They will be responsible for the development of strategy, and creation of the measures to track the success and execution of the plan. Another key element of the position will be to hire, retain and develop the marketing department.

According to Builtin.com the average salary for a CMO in the US is $222,574 and an OTE of $280k

SEO/SEM Specialists

SEO and SEM are crucial for a solid digital marketing campaign, anyone who can demonstrate solid technical knowledge and combine it with digital marketing expertise, especially in the managerial end of the spectrum, will be the highest earners in this field. Finding and becoming an expert in this field is difficult as algorithms are always fluctuating.

According to Builtin.com the average salary for an SEO/SEM Specialist is $52,864 with the top-end total compensation packages reaching $130k.

Email Marketing Manager

An Email Marketing Manager will lead all email marketing strategies and own campaigns from end to end. The role will focus on managing email databases, and creating newsletters while managing the scheduling, organization, and execution of campaigns as well as creating email databases for lead generation. Not only will this be a vital role in the generation of sales, but email marketing will also help with customer service, user communication and so much more.

According to Builtin.com the average salary for an Email Marketing Manager is $76,734 (OTE of $87,937) with the top-end total compensation packages reaching $200k.

How Halzak can help?

If you are looking to bring on board your 1st marketing hire or scaling an existing team Halzak understands the SaaS Marketing space like no one else. We understand the importance of hiring the right team and that “every hire matters” when scaling your business.

Contact Halzak today – We build high-performance SaaS Marketing teams.

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