Elevating Women’s Voices: Our Podcast Shines in Top 10 Women in Tech Feature

We are thrilled to announce that the Elevate Women in Tech Podcast has been recognised as one of the top podcasts empowering women in the technology field. Our series was recently selected as #9 in the “Top 60 Women in Tech Podcast Episodes” by Feedpost.

This honor is a testament to our mission of amplifying the voices, stories, and achievements of trailblazing women in technology. Through candid conversations with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, we aim to inspire the next generation while providing insights and strategies for navigating a male-dominated field.

“Being included among this powerful lineup of podcasts is incredibly gratifying,” said Kellie Kwarteng, Founder and host of Elevate Women in Tech. “It reinforces that we are making an impact by uplifting diverse perspectives and creating a platform for the remarkable women transforming the tech landscape.”

The Top 60 list curates the most insightful, engaging podcast episodes focused on empowering women in Technology, and to be listed as No.9 is something we are very proud to share.

We extend our gratitude to our listeners, guests, and the entire Elevate Women in Tech community. This recognition energises us to continue blazing new paths, raising awareness, and driving meaningful change for gender equality in the tech sector and beyond.

Interested in sponsoring or featuring in an upcoming episode contact Kellie directly to discuss further.

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