8 reasons why women leave tech jobs and careers

Tech Talent Charter in partnership with Attest recently shared their Attrition in Tech – Why women leave tech jobs and careers report. This report sheds light on why women are leaving tech jobs at higher rates than men. Though concerning, the report provides an opportunity for companies to review their values and talent strategies.

The report highlighted 8 key findings:

  1. One in three women are planning to leave their tech job.
  2. One in four women who left a tech job in the last few years left for a non-tech job.
  3. Only one in six women who have been in their tech role for more than a year are planning to stay.
  4. Four out of five women said that dissatisfaction with their career development impacted their decision to leave their tech role.
  5. Work-life balance was ranked the most important factor in women’s decisions to leave their tech role, often linked to challenges managing caring commitments.
  6. Women in tech with flexible work arrangements had significantly higher retention.
  7. Nearly 40% of women agreed that caring commitments influenced their decision to leave their tech job, but only 11.4% of them actually left the workforce to do this.
  8. Pay dissatisfaction is one of the top factors motivating women to move jobs, and was often linked to the cost of living crisis and childcare high costs.

The report sends a clear message to tech companies – a call to action must be taken to evaluate and create inclusive cultures where women can thrive.

Partnerships with specialized recruitment firms like Halzak, who share these goals, can aid recruitment and retention efforts. Their mission to connect companies with diverse tech talent makes them well-positioned to help build the welcoming environments women and underrepresented talent need to thrive.

Interested in learning more about Halzak reach out to the founding team directly to discuss how we can support or introduce you to our Elevate – Women in Tech Community

Michael Kwarteng – Founder of Halzak & Elevate – Women in Tech Community

Kellie Kwarteng – Founder of Halzak & Elevate – Women in Tech Community / Podcast Host

Halzak is proud to support Tech Talent Charter as one of their 827 company signatories who are committed to driving greater diversity and inclusion in tech

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