Key Tech Hires to scale your SaaS company.

Are looking to bring on board your 1st hire of your engineering team or scaling an existing team Halzak understands the SaaS space like no one else. We understand the importance of hiring the right team and that “every hire matters” when scaling your business.

SaaS applications make up 70% of total company software use.

Examples of positions within a SaaS engineering team Halzak can support

Chief Technical Officer – CTO

At the start of your SaaS journey, the position of CTO will typically be held by one of the founders of the business. However, at a certain point, this will become a critical hire. Your CTO may come from within eg an exceptional Senior Engineer with the hunger and passion for the business or an external hire. The CTO will have full technical responsibility for the product, the creation of the development plan, and its priorities. Whilst managing a budget and hiring, retaining, and developing the engineering team.

Depending at what stage the company is will also depend on what’s required from your CTO eg at the early start-up stage the CTO will be a key salesperson as they will need to give confidence to investors in the product’s technical ability. They will typically be a techie with extensive experience in the development and knowledge of different technologies.

Typical compensation packages we will see for this level of the position will range from $140k – $250k base with OTE packages reaching $350K+ plus an equity option.

Back End Developer / Engineer

Back End Developers play an essential role in the development of the SaaS product, they will be a source code gurus and will be crucial to getting your project off the ground. They will have the opportunity and responsibility to define major aspects of the product. Taking on difficult problems usually without clear solutions and they will design, build and iterate the solution until these delight your customers.

Compensation can really range depending on the tech stack required of the Engineer base salaries can range from $140k-250k+. Most packages will typically have a bonus and equity option.

Front End Developer / Engineer

Front End Developers take visual design and wireframe files and turn them into living, functioning websites or products that your users will see. They will work hand in hand with Designers, copywriters, Account Executives, and the back-end development team.

Compensation can really range depending on the skills and experience required of the Engineer base salaries can range from $80k-250k+ with the average salary being around $160k.

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