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Looking to hire or make a move into SaaS Sales but unsure of your next steps or if this can offers you a long-term career with lots of opportunities?

What is SaaS Sales?

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service, these products are web-based with the user able to access applications through their web browser. What makes SaaS sales unique is that the product is usually sold as a subscription either monthly or annually to the customer.

Selling a SaaS solution can often have a long sales cycle which can take weeks or months, most SaaS products will be deployed companywide which will usually involve multiple decision makers within the process. Depending on the product this can be complex involving a team to enable a deal to complete.

Key attributes for all sales professionals would be to have exceptional communication skills and a passion for customer service. You need to have a tenacious mindset and an ability to think on your feet (problem solver).

Examples of positions within a SaaS Sales team Halzak can support

VP of Sales

The Vice President of Sales (VP of Sales) is a vital hire for the success of any SaaS company, they will be a key member of the senior leadership team. The VP of Sales will oversee all sales operations and lead the sales team to meet and exceed sales goals. In addition to selling the product, the VP of Sales would also be responsible for creating and executing strategies, managing the sales budget, and hiring, retaining, and developing the sales team.

Typical compensation packages we will see for this level of the position will range from $140k – $250k base and an OTE $250k – $450k+. Most plans provide a 50/50 split between base and bonus. As of August 2022, LinkedIn Talent Insights has a VP of Sales making on average $146,600 USD base salary of $211,300 OTE.

Sales Development Representative – SDR

SDRs or Inside Sales reps have a pure focus on outbound prospecting. Your role will focus on lead qualification to enable Account Executives to focus on closing deals. This is a high-touch outbound / cold calling position.

As of August 2022, LinkedIn Talent Insights has SDRs making on average $64,700 USD OTE ($87,600 at the top end)

Sales Engineer

Sales Engineers will either sell or support the Account Executives / Sales team to sell the SaaS solution. This role requires the person to have a strong technical background in order to sell the solution. This position would also work with Product and Marketing teams to help share feedback, solve issues and pitch new product ideas. Sales Engineers will typically come from a Technical Support or Engineering background. Sales Engineers will typically have a degree in Engineering or Computer Science.

As of August 2022, LinkedIn Talent Insights has Sales Engineers making on average $107,700 USD OTE ($144,400 at the top end)

If you are looking to bring on board your 1st hire of your Sales Team or scaling an existing team Halzak understands the SaaS Sales space like no one else. We understand the importance of hiring the right team and that “every hire matters” when scaling your business.

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